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2 decades of experience replacing RV windshields and repairing motor home windows in the San Diego & Chula Vista area

Types of motor home & RV Windshield We Service

Whether your RV is a Bus or a Class A, a Class B or a Class C motor home with a single piece or a split windshield, our RV windshield replacement specialists will make sure that your windshield replacement is done correctly, so that your windshield will not leak, will not pop out, and will be less likely to develop stress fractures over time. And our service technicians always pay special attention to the gaskets and moldings on your RV windshield.

RV Windshield and Window Specialists

Our RV windshield replacement professionals work with some of the biggest RV dealerships in the San Diego area, and we understand the special challenges that are a part of dealing with RV glass. As a result of our long experience with replacing and repairing RV windshields and windows, we are equipped to provide custom handling of the special construction and design features build in to certain motor coaches, buses and RVs.

We Will Come To You

Whether your RV is parked at your home or in a storage lot or facility, in an RV park or at another location in San Diego County, our technicians will come to your location to replace your windshield.


Why Did My RV Windshield Crack?

If your RV windshield was struck by a flying rock on the highway, or suffered another impact, then the cause of your windshield damage is probably pretty obvious. But sometimes an RV windshield may seem to spontaneously crack without there having been any kind of impact or other obvious cause. These cracks are usually in the category of what is known as a “stress crack”.

This kind of crack is caused by the force and pressure that the windshield is subjected to as the result of torsional flex in the body of the RV. This kind of cracking has been known to occur when the RV is driven on an uneven surface, especially in extreme weather.

An RV windshield may sometimes also spontaneously form a crack if the windshield opening in the body has been bent or otherwise distorted, for example as the result of a collision with another vehicle or object. In these cases, we will advise you to have the RV inspected by a body shop that is experienced with RV bodies before replacing the windshield.

Should My Windshield Gaskets Be Replaced?

Your San Diego RV windshield replacement technician will retain your windshield’s existing rubber gasket if possible. This is the best practice to avoid the risk of a break to the adjoining windshield when removing an older gasket, and to maintain the integrity of the roof structure, as well as the visual appearance of your windshield’s gaskets as they line up with the vehicle’s exterior paint. However, our professional RV windshield replacement specialists will replace your rubber gaskets if they have been damaged in a collision, or if the gaskets have deteriorated due to rot or sun exposure.

How Soon Can I Drive My RV Again?

After your RV windshield installation, your service technician will typically recommend that your coach remain parked on a level surface for two to four hours once the installation is complete, in order for the adhesive to fully set and cure.

For certain very large single-piece windshield installations, however, we will recommend waiting a full 24 hours before driving your motor home, so be sure to check with your service technician for the instructions that pertain to your particular installation.

Auto Glass Depot is the preferred windshield replacement and window and glass service provider for both private RV owners as well as RV dealers throughout the San Diego and Chula Vista area.

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